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From the two storied goliath off of Times Square to a minimalist hole in the wall in Madison, Wisconsin, I’ve seen my fair share of comic book shops over the years. One thing remains consistent: Wandering into a local comic book store is always an adventure.

Destiny City Comics is no exception. In fact, it stands out. Why? Say you have no idea where to start or you’re desperate to read the original Guardians of the Galaxy story. Owner Mike Fitzgerald will make sure you feel at home. This is a store that’s accessible to fans of all comic backgrounds and walks of life. Located next to King’s Books on St. Helens, Destiny City Comics offers an inviting space, helpful service, and the added bonus of two cute cats.

Despite all the recent big screen attention given to Super Heroes, comics still may be one of our most undervalued creative mediums. The amount of time, intention and dedication required to bring them to life is almost unimaginable to consumers. They communicate stories in a visceral way, tapping into the same parts of our brain that love both the visuals of movies and the imagination required for text.

Mike Fitzgerald moved to Tacoma from Detroit, his love for comics propelled him to share it with others and Destiny City Comics was born. Mike is thoughtful, knowledgeable, and almost supernaturally skilled at determining what comic is best for you.

As if all that wasn’t enough, Destiny City Comics also plays a key role in gathering Tacoma’s creative community. From monthly Zine-symposiums to monthly meetings discussing the depths of a comic, Destiny City Comics provides a unique space to expand and connect our creative community.

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