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Tacoma Makers: Happy Fox Studio

by Ely Mattson

Maker: “An artist who takes raw materials and makes something new.” – Allison Stewart-Bishins

The Tacoma handmade community has crafted a revolution through small local businesses. Between social media storefronts and pop-up markets, these artists have created a tight-knit circle of support for one another. Take Allison Stewart-Bishins, owner of Happy Fox Studio Jewelry, for example. By combining her jewelry making skills with her background in urban planning, Allison has been behind some seriously impressive local collaborations and projects. She also has started a blog, Actually Asking “A not hypothetical dive into how we can live more consciously and ethically.”

Happy Fox Studios strives to create quality jewelry by utilizing reclaimed and unique materials. You’ll find pendants re-purposed from metal rings found in parking lots or old thrifted earrings, all cleaned up and hammered into eye-catching shapes. In Allison’s skilled hands even secondhand wire can become something as cool as custom crafted ear crawlers. With its focus on reclaimed and up-cycled materials, Happy Fox Studios is the perfect choice for environmentally conscious shoppers.

Following Happy Fox Studios on Instagram will give you a look at her gorgeous inventory as well as keeping you updated on what’s going on in our local makers community.

From the Instagram of Happy Fox Studio Jewelry

Watch the Happy Fox Story!

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