Grit City Style: Sarah & Travis

Whether you live on the East Side or the North Slope your style is distinct and vibrant. In a word, your style is Tacoma. That’s why we teamed up with local fashion-expert Marshall Samuela and photographer Aaron Matthew to create Grit City Style, a project which documents, celebrates Tacoma’s individuality.

Sarah & Travis

A little over a year ago Sarah & Travis left Dallas for Tacoma. They fell in love with our Grit City & found a home in South Tacoma for them & their 3 dogs. Sarah nurtures people as an occupational therapist & Travis plays a sweet Saxophone & repairs instruments.

Marshall: Describe your guys’ style.

Sarah: It’s  random and eclectic and colorful and whatever I like.

Travis: Yeah I’m trying to get more colorful ‘cause I had a lot of — black in the past, trying to spice it up a little.

Marshall: How is your style unique to Tacoma?

Sarah: Oh well, that’s a good question. I just kind of bring my own uniqueness together. I put different things together that maybe people wouldn’t normally put together. So I don’t feel like anybody really ever dresses like I do. I’ve never seen it before, I mean.

Marshall: Where do you guys find your clothes? When you are shopping where do you go?
Sarah: Actually I get a lot of my stuff on Modcloth, the website. It’s really cool– this dress is actually from there and–
Travis: And Modcloth is starting to get more stuff.
Sarah: AND we go to Reykjavik, Iceland every year. This is actually where this shirt is from. (points to Travis)
Travis: (points at his shirt) This shirt,  from Iceland.
Sarah: They have the best, vintage thrift stores there and so many interesting pieces.
Travis: They have A LOT of thrift stores.
Sarah: A lot of vintage.

Marshall: Do you shop anywhere locally in Tacoma?
Sarah: Actually, I  haven’t gone serious shopping for clothes in a long ass time, since I moved here. But I do like UXC and Scorpio Rising.
Travis: We really go to thrift stores a lot.

Marshall: When you guys go shopping, what do you look for?
Sarah: Usually something really unique or space and galaxy things. That’s kind of my thing.
Travis: More colorful stuff. That’s what I want, more colorful stuff.
Sarah: Yeah I usually want something with a weird pattern on it, weird color, or weird creatures or something that sticks out– that’s what tends to grab me. Or right now I’m into like 90s look, like high tops like Rebok, and shit like that.

Marshall: What do you guys love about Tacoma?
Sarah: I love the art vibe here. Lots of really great support for the arts and lots of local artist that I’m loving. Like Axi-Ohm. There’s just a strong arts community here that I love.
Travis: I like there’s a lot to do. It’s like a small town, but also a big town at the same time.

Marshall: What inspires your guys’ fashion/style?
Sarah: It just comes out of nowhere. I just put random shit together and I’m just like “that looks good”. Or I’ll ask him.
Travis:  I look for Just some crazy or weird stuff.
Sarah: You know I would say I do like the fashion in Iceland. We go for like a music festival every year and the fashion there is so great. I get a lot of inspiration from them. They’re very alternative and really cool.

More Shots of Sarah & Travis by Aaron Matthew

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