The Importance of Staging

In a seller’s market a home sits for longer than it should for one reason: Buyer’s don’t believe it’s worth the price.

Whether you like it or not, thanks to HGTV & Pinterest the average home-buyer has high expectations regarding what they will pay top-dollar for. Part of selling your home to a buyer is creating an environment you’d want to be sold as well. Staging helps organize & arrange a home, allowing others to imagine themselves there. It is NOT decorating. Sometimes we actually need a little LESS decor (I know I do) to give a buyer room to see themselves sleeping, eating, laughing, & living there. (Thus writing an amazing offer and not flaking out because the ACTUAL perfect house showed up elsewhere).  

Once you commit to selling your home, you also commit to marketing it. There are a few approaches:

If you are in a hurry to sell, and want whatever price will get it sold quickly. No problem. We might not need to stage. I produce professional photos & copy then boost your home across the vast network that is the internet. We’ll hold it open and if it’s priced right for the product it is (because that’s how capitalism works) I’ll be calling you in 24-72hrs with a solid offer.*

If you want the most money in the quickest possible time, here’s how it works — Since the price you want needs to match the product we are presenting, the perceived value of your home has to be convincing. This is where professional staging, photos, copy, & video really seal the deal.

According to RESSA (Real Estate Staging Association) homes that are staged when first put to market spend 90% less time than homes who do. Yes, even in a seller’s market in Tacoma, homes show up with little to no effort expecting to get top-dollar. So what happens? They sit. And they keep sitting.

When you bought your home, what was it like? How did they present it? What made you call your agent and write up an offer asap? Recalling how it was marketed to you make take the edge off the stress of upturning your life temporarily. It’s easy to take the staging process personally, and that is exactly the point. Our homes are personal, a buyer needs to feel connected to your home not your collection of Seahawks gear.

Note for flippers: If you are an investor who flips homes, you know you are part of a growing industry. There’s a trend right now that idealizes the flipping process. Also, there’s a trend for flippers to all do similar, Home Depot/Lowes, finishes and cosmetics. Staging becomes crucial because you NEED TO STAND OUT. If there are 4 flip homes on the market with similar stats, you all have granite counter tops and soft close drawers, then be remembered as the home that left someone already daydreaming about how they’ll hang their curtains and where they’ll store all their coffee mugs. Being the 2nd best flipped home in a neighborhood is not enough. Be the absolute best.

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