Being #1 (aka being the best house you can be)

If you want the most money for your home, you need to be the #1 home.

We talked about Location, Condition, & Price in this post: Click Here & Staging in this post Click here. So this is the part where we bring it all together and talk about how to be the #1 home at your time of listing.

Before we go any further here’s what ‘Being #1”  DOESN’T mean:

  • That you are the absolute most wonderful, sexiest, expensive home this side of the Cascades

  • That you are the fanciest, most updated home in your city

  • That you are the prettiest, most HGTV home on your block

  • That you have to totally renovate or pay oodles of dollars to be “#1”

Moving On…To understand “Being #1” we need to understand exactly what you are being #1 at — aka what are your homes stats and what is competing with?

So let’s say this first one is your home……..And these are the homes on market when you are about to list:

Out of these 3 homes only 2 of them really are your competition, only 2 of them are who you need to beat out & be “#1” against. The home with only 2 bedrooms, one bathroom, on the other-side of town isn’t really your competition. Yes, this is a bit of simplification, but it will help you understand the foundation of this process. 

So how are you going to be the best?  

A Good Scrub & A Coat of Paint: Getting a cleaner in there and doing some touch up work can do wonders. Maybe you have cabinets from 1995 and formica counter tops, but we lay a fresh, coat of paint, scrub down those 6 inch baseboards, dust off the antique light fixtures, and you’ve got a place a buyer will enjoy walking into.

Staging: A stager can do as little or as much work as you’d like. Even having a stager in for a consultation can be useful. They will help you arrange your home so it’s most appealing to people. Aka, most likely to get you $$$.

Video: Having a video gives you a leg up in marketing. Video is viewed 50% more then any medium on the internet. It gets people talking, people are more likely to share it with their friends, and it also gives potential buyers another means of imagining themselves in the house.

Photos: We won’t go too deep regarding what makes a good photo, but photos are the first thing a buyer sees. Photos are what inspire them to call their agent to get in the house ASAP. It’s what they send their friends when they think they finally “found the one”. Professionally shot photos speak for themselves and your house shouldn’t settle for less.

Marketing Materials: When listing day comes, we launch the marketing campaign. Your listing is spread throughout the internet, the video is shared on Facebook, pictures on Instagram, beautiful, high-gloss just listed postcards go out to the surrounding neighborhood.

Wrapping Up

Your home should be people’s first pick for it’s price. It should be the home people are scrambling to get and feel disappointed to have lost out on. It means that out of all the other 3 bedrooms 2 baths in your area, yours is top of mind & everyone’s first choice. You want to be the best.

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