Grit City Style: Marshall

Whether you live on the East Side or the North Slope your style is distinct and vibrant. In a word, your style is Tacoma. That’s why we teamed up with local fashion-expert Marshall Samuela and photographer Aaron Matthew to create Grit City Style, a project which documents, celebrates and shares Tacoma’s dynamic trends.


I (Hannah-Clarke) requested Marshall be featured since he inspired this project in the first place. Thank you for sharing some of your story with us. 

Hannah: Describe your style.

Marshall: My style is mostly neutrals, some color but it has to be deep jewel tones, the closet to black the better. I love black and I love layering black…there’s something really cool about wearing black pants with an oversized sweater or shirt where like both pieces are like a different texture, you what I mean? And I would say it’s little bit feminine and masculine; like wearing a tunic but with a leather jacket. I like the idea of gender bending but don’t know that I could fully commit to it.

Hannah: How is your style unique to Tacoma?

Marshall: Umm that’s a good question…I try to streamline my looks so that they are appropriate for work and something that I can like go out for drinks immediately afterwards without having to go home first, you know. I feel like because Tacoma is SO blue collar that our fashion and the way we wear shit reflects that to some degree? Like it has to be versatile… I dunno. Does that make sense?

Hannah: It definitely does—Where do you find your clothes?

Marshall: Mostly the goodwill, when I have money. The one of 38th St. I know like everyone body says that one is ran through and sure, it probably is but I have it in my head that like all the others are shit holes compared to this one. I really wanna try the, what my friends refer to as the bins, right there off of pine or whatever. Some pieces I get at UXC and even Satori oddly enough. So this kinda goes back to the whole gender bending and really more about contemporary pieces. So like some of the silhouettes at satori are usually boxy and over-sized so they’re pieces that could go either way, girl OR boy.

Hannah: What do you look for when you shop?

Marshall: Oh def anything in black, and oversized. I have such an odd body shape like I feel like I’m bottom heavy but more lean on top. So I like to wear shit that’s oversized on top and fitted on the bottom to give me more of a v shape. That probably doesn’t make any sense but yeah black and oversized. I also have a very long torso so it needs to be at least long.

Hannah: How long have you lived in Tacoma?

Marshall: My whole life.

Hannah: What do you love about Tacoma?

Marshall: I love that it has this sorta small big town feel to it. And I love all the creatives, between people in the food and bar industry, or fashion, or music Artist, I’m all the way here for it. It’s all so dope to see the city thrive in that capacity.

Hannah: What inspires you fashion or style wise?

Marshall: Parisians, they’ve really honed in on keeping things really simple but also very sophisticated yet funky.

Hannah: Who are your fashion icons if you have any?

Marshall: Witches and Rachel Zoe. Oh and Barefoot Contessa. I love an oversized oxford shirt so I can pretend it’s my boyfriend even though I don’t have one.

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