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In an effort to further collaborate with our community Tacoma Strong teams up with other local organizations, individuals, or projects whose missions align with our own. We support these pursuits by hosting their content and providing you with their resources. The following is brought to you by Project Child Success:

Project Child Success is a grassroots initiative aimed at making Pierce County, Washington a child centered community. Organizations and individuals from all walks of life, come together to achieve the vision that all children thrive in nurturing relationships and environments. 

We are hosting Project Child Success’ “Parenting Profiles”.  Although these vignettes explore the unfolding of parenthood, what resonates most with us is the projects belief that parenting is not solely a biological responsibility, but the duty of a thriving community.

Profile I: Ray J. of Tacoma

What is one of the best lessons you have learned through parenting?

Time. You cannot get time back. Put the time in consistently while you can, when you can, in what way you can. I have three children and I learned a lot from my two oldest children and am applying what I learned with my youngest child. Being a parent to a very young child again (daughter) in addition to my boys- I just want to spend time with my kids. I was a young parent with my boys and came to realize how much goes into parenting, that kids need their parents. I learned how important it is to be there, and even apologized to my boys for what I did not know then. I would tell any parent, especially young males with kids that you can’t get that time back.

 Let’s say you were scooped up and put in the most Child-Centered Community in the universe. What do you see? What do you notice?

A lot of parent involvement! My mom modeled that for me. Kids need that involved adult, whether it’s the uncle, the barber, or whoever is willing to play that role. It’s not just people in leadership roles that shape and affect community…it is the actual adults like neighbors that create a child-centered community. Neighbors who look out for each other’s kids because they care about more than just their own kids. I have kids that stop by my barbershop [People’s Barbershop]. One day one of the kids stopped by when it was close to closing time, and he just wanted to hang out. I decided to take him to the waterfront for ice cream. This kid lives in Tacoma and had never been to the waterfront. I care about this kid and I treat him like my own- this is parent involvement.

What are your hopes for children growing up in Pierce County?
Our kids take school more seriously and at least graduate from high school. There is a program I heard about called Graduate Tacoma. I don’t know about the program but I love the name. High school is that first stage to have options for determining next steps into adulthood. It’s tough without that first step when one is also learning how to be independent and function within society. I grew up with a determined mother who also had to use public assistance. I am grateful for the public assistance, yet I imagine a community for children where no one needs public assistance.

Parental Profile I: Protective Factor Highlight
Social Connections –
Someone to turn to for support

Learn more about the 5 Protective Factors that are essential for growing healthy families by clicking on the icon.

Learn More About Project Child Success

Project Child Success defines their work by the guiding principles they believe make a child centered community:

But what does it mean to be a child centered in each of these areas? Let’s say you were scooped up and put in the most child centered community in the universe. What do you see? What do you notice? Explore how community partners answered those questions by clicking on the icons above. Then take a moment and submit your own ideas.

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