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Hannah-Clarke Gilmore

Hannah-Clarke is a Realtor & artist who is in love with Tacoma. Over her years of living here she has discovered so many kick-ass things about the city and wants to share it with you. Her passion for story-telling drives her to use her various skills in media to help tell your story. Whether you are a citizen in the city of Destiny looking to sell your home, a local artist looking to share your craft, or a Tacoma business wanting to reach your people, she is here to help.

  • Realtor, Producer, Director, Writer, Designer, Captain of this Ship

  • Loves dogs, beer, and good local food

  • Hobbies Include: Dungeons & Dragons, Overwatch, Cosplay

  • Call or Text: 253-548-7941

Peeps We Team Up With

Cody Miles Brown
Cody Miles BrownThe Film Guy

Cody is a UW graduate and one of the nicest people you will ever meet. He uses his keen eye to help Hannah capture videos of Tacoma and share it’s stories. He plans to make is way down to L.A. soon to pursue his dream of becoming a director. Tacoma Strong wouldn’t be what it is without him and we sure are grateful for his help.

Elisha (Neesh) Sala
Elisha (Neesh) SalaThe Film Gal

Elisha attended the UW for film studies and has been practicing film for 5 years. She discovered her passion for film production when she realized it can be an outlet to express herself, “…because I was never really a girl who kept a diary”. She also found she loves using her skill to tell other’s stories.

Chrissanda Walker
Chrissanda WalkerMapper, Data Analyst

Chrissanda helps Hannah get shit done. Whether it’s paperwork, data analysis, or just helping her stay organized, Chrissanda is wicked smart. She I attended UWT and has a bachelor’s in Sustainable Urban Development and 1 year in the GIS Certificate program. She believes map making is an art, and loves it’s ability to illustrate data that conveys information for reference and analysis. Through this tool she has the opportunity to help small businesses make better decisions for economic growth.

Ely (ee-lee) Mattson
Ely (ee-lee) MattsonWriter, Photographer

Ely moved to Tacoma about a year ago and has fallen in love with the city. A Scenic Painter & Designer by day for the Tacoma Musical Playhouse, Ely loves exploring the city. They also use their long practiced skills in writing & photography to help share Tacoma stories.

MarshalL Samuela
MarshalL SamuelaCreative, Stylist, Tacoman

Marshall has lived in Tacoma his whole life and is basically a Tacoma fashion icon. He loves Tacoma’s “small-big town feel” and all the creatives that call it home. His thoughtful design choices and ability to appreciate others unique fashions makes him the perfect person to team up with Tacoma Strong to tell Tacoma Style Stories.

Aaron Matthew
Aaron MatthewPhotographer

Aaron Matthews is a photographer born and raised in Tacoma. He loves that Tacoma has so many small sub-scenes & sub cultures, there’s something for everyone to “rock”. Aaron shared his kick-ass vision & photography skills with Tacoma Strong in our Tacoma Style project.


What is Tacoma Strong?

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Tacoma Strong is a a platform for telling Tacoma stories. We use video, writing, photography, and a social media presence to share the experiences that make Tacoma, Tacoma.

Why Tacoma Strong?

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Tacoma is an awesome place that takes a little digging to get to know. There’s something for everyone here and Tacoma Strong’s purpose is to expose and connect those things with the citizens of the city! 🙂

How Does it Work?

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It’s a team effort. Hannah-Clarke usually comes up with some concepts, plans, and connects with the people best to helping craft that story. We are also always interested in hearing about what matters most to you. Lists and reviews have their place, but Tacoma Strong will be working to dig deeper into the cities narratives.  

What's Your Goal?

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To empower and connect our community. The idea is you find a place that resonates with you then start supporting that place by shopping or spreading the word.

Who is Involved?

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Scroll back up to the “Peeps We Team Up With” section. These are the people who have contributed so far.

How do I Get Involved?

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Just scroll down and send us a message! We’d be happy to chat about how we can work together.

Have a question that didn’t get answered? Shoot us a message!