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Real Talk: Pissing People Off

CAUTION: Swear words ahead. Please don't read if they will offend you. The X is right there.  7:55 AM My [...]

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Being #1 (aka being the best house you can be)

If you want the most money for your home, you need to be the #1 home. We talked about Location, Condition, [...]

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Price = Condition + Location

Whether you’re a buyer or seller, knowing how a home is priced gives you a leg up in the world of Real [...]

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Tacoma’s Funky Market

Before we dive deep into interpreting market data, let’s define a few words-- that, let’s be honest, we probably should have been [...]

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The Importance of Staging

In a seller’s market a home sits for longer than it should for one reason: Buyer’s don’t believe it’s worth the price. [...]

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