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Welcome to Tacoma Strong. 

Real estate for practical, passionate people who care about Tacoma. When you team up with me you get an advocate, not a salesman.

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While many homes in Tacoma are flying off the market, the east side is a little tricky. Hannah understands the unique neighborhoods throughout all of Tacoma & will help set your list price & pull together a marketing strategy like no other agent I have seen. I have purchased & sold more than one home with Hannah – every single time it is like magic. – Nancy

Hannah went the extra mile listing our home. Her prep for listing and open house was the best I’ve ever seen. Her connecting with prospective buyers was top notch and she secured us $30k more then we expected. – Sheri
Hannah is not only great at the “business” of real estate, but she actually makes the total experience FUN. Her marketing videos tell a story for the buyer about the homes charm and community. FIVE STARS from this critic..!! -J.C.
If you’re looking for an agent that anticipates your needs, Hannah is the one for you. If you’re looking for an agent that is going to do more than the hundreds of others out there, Hannah is the one for you.If you’re looking for an agent with the creativity needed to get through the marketing noise that buyers see/hear, Hannah is the one for you. – Scott
Hannah was wonderful, professional, pleasant, knowledgeable, and followed up. She was patient, explaining things to me as we went. I would definitely use her again. – Pat

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Wait, Wait, Who Are You?

Once upon a time there was a loud, boisterous 10yr old who loved to run bake sales, throw surprise parties, create scrapbooks, “produce” cds, and instead of playing house played  “mid-size city”.

Surprise! That 10yr old is me. Hi! I’m Hannah-Clarke Gilmore, a Realtor, dog mom, and an all around passionate do-er.

Over the years (since about 10 actually), I found I’m a little obsessed with working hard at work worth doing (thanks Teddy Roosevelt).

After spending time as a carpet cleaner, executive assistant, illustrator, designer, and Starbucks manager I found my way into Real Estate. The transition may not seem intuitive, but here’s something else I learned: I love serving people, being my own boss, and getting to use creativity to shape things. Real estate lets me do all this and more.

I fervently believe, Real Estate is more than contracts and HGTV style.  Real estate is about the places we exist.

The spaces we laugh, cry, fall in love, get a puppy, make a friend, lose a friend. Within the walls of real estate we have our most vulnerable, human experiences. I believe to thrive as a city, we must respect, care for and connect each other with these spaces– and it is my mission to help us do just that, one new client at a time.