Hannah Gilmore
Hannah GilmoreRealtor, Producer, Director, DP, Writer, Consultant, Designer

Hannah handles all the pre-production that gets the ball rolling. Whether it’s connecting with clients, handling contracts & agendas, or creating the concept of the video herself, she knows how to make things happen. Her experience as an artist of multiple mediums allows her to create innovative, engaging videos that don’t just get lost in the void of the internet. Her goal is to use video to challenge the stories we already tell ourselves and connect us in a deeper, meaningful way.

Cody Miles Brown
Cody Miles BrownThe Film Guy

Cody is a UW graduate and one of the nicest people you will ever meet. He uses his keen eye to help Hannah capture videos of Tacoma and share it’s stories. He plans to make is way down to L.A. soon to pursue his dream of becoming a director. Tacoma Strong wouldn’t be what it is without him and we sure are grateful for his help.

Elisha (Neesh) Sala
Elisha (Neesh) SalaThe Film Gal

Elisha attended the UW for film studies and has been practicing film for 5 years. She discovered her passion for film production when she realized it can be an outlet to express herself, “…because I was never really a girl who kept a diary”. She also found she loves using her skill to tell other’s stories.